Dances With Dwellers

I reached my 24th advancement and I can at last begin my study of another humanoid race: The Sea Dwellers.

As I sit on the craggy rock of the beach near the entrance to their cave, the thought occurs to me that I have never even before seen a Sea Dweller. Such elusive beings they are.

I have heard of the wonders of the inside of their cave. But this will be my first time ever setting foot inside: Having opted to train to my 20th advancement in order to receive my papers to gain my profession, rather than choosing to prove my worth by slaughter.

Brielle told me that there is magic in their caves. I am sure Draekyn told me something about them using the remains of dead humans for decoration; but I believe that he was just trying to scare me from wandering too far when I was a student.

I have re-read my tomes: Their section in Azure’s Fieldguide and my own copy of HSV Tome of Sea Dwellers. It is widely rumoured that the Dwellers were once allies of humans. The colony to the south of Dundee even once traded with the human settlement of Waterhaven. It is observed that the Dundee Dwellers spend their time in less warlike pursuits than their Fartown and Kilican counterparts… Fitting that we should send our newest adventurers to cut their teeth on them.

As I sit outside the marc is growing late and I am unsure of how to proceed. The Dwellers here are perhaps the humanoid colony that endure the most frequent attacks from humans than any other. I recall when I began with the Gremlins I approached slowly; I remained outside for two turns. I left food by the entrance of the tree so that they might upstand that I did not mean harm. The Dwellers do not seem a race that need my charity. A slow, cautious approach though, is most certainly in order. For my own safety, as well as theirs.


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