Dances With Dwellers – Turn Two

The second level of the Dweller’s home, the walls are more highly decorated on this level. Carvings cover the tunnels, from the floor and all over the ceiling, depicting great battles fought on and under the sea.

Further inside, the surroundings only become more ornate. A chandelier, that could hang in the grand ballroom of the Caer, dominates one room. Strange, glowing fish in glass bowls give off more illumination than a flame. The rest of the chandelier’s construction is of polished bone, mother of pearl and sea shells. Mother of pearl is also inlaid into the tunnel walls.

Pearly orbs light the tunnels more dimly in other places. Unlike the area above, these tunnels seem entirely Dweller-made.


After conversing with Brisingr and Cylena the Strange. The conclusion was made that the Dwellers likely do not speak the common tongue as we and the Gremlins do. If the Dwellers ever did trade with the humans, as so many old texts claim, how did it happen? Did they once learn our way of speaking or we their’s?

It was never my intention to attempt contact with the Sea Dwellers when I began this study, but Brisingr said that he would like to try, and I will certainly insist him in that endeavour. It would be interesting to see if it can be done. Again, like many of the other humanoid races, a great deal of history is hidden with them. Think of all of the things that we could learn from the Sea Dwellers? How to make light without flame, the secrets held beneath the waves and, most importantly but perhaps most controversially, the art of necromancy.

Brisingr’s method of contact will come as a gift. A piece of metal work from the human world. He wishes to inscribed it with their writing. Now, if only we knew a calligrapher….


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