Dances With Dwellers – Turn Three

Further into the Sea Caves still and I have come across what appears to be the barracks – or perhaps dormitory or sleeping area. Rooms are filled with bunks, bedding neatly rolled at one end in a military fashion. Each bed is ended with a footlocker. I wonder what is kept inside.

It is strange. The Dwellers sleep communally, yet alone in their bunk. Humans and Gremlins often share their nests with others, be it their young, mate or other. Perhaps it is correct what the fieldguide says about the Dweller’s ability to self-regulate their body temperature. I suppose that would render bed-sharing almost entirely useless; they need not do it for comfort.

Another theory is that the Dundee Dweller colony is entirely male. Which is also plausible as there seems to be no young or a breeding population here (at least as far as I have seen). Though the Lesser Sea Dwellers, that occupy the higher levels of the cave, may be Sea Dweller males just entered adulthood. As I observed before, with their crests and dorsal fins, as I have ventured further into the cave these are seen to be smaller and less developed than those of the Sea Dweller Guardians and Elite Warriors that occupy the lower halls.

So, why are all of these Sea Dwellers, entirely male, here?

I theorise that this settlement is just as much of a testing ground for Sea Dwellers as it is for human adventurers. The test: If you survive the humans, then you may leave to join one of the larger, breeder colonies situated upon Fartown or Kilican.

I may be wrong. Some of the adolescents here may be female, but not yet permitted to reproduce until older or proven worthy. I suppose I cannot be certain until I explore the Fartown and Kilican colonies and sight an individual who can undisputedly be seen to be a female. Until then I have no comparison.

Still, in the meantime, if my original theory is true, I cannot help but think that it is unbearable sad. None of these Dwellers were born here. Many will die here. Did they come from the Fartown or Kilican colonies to be here?

Or perhaps it is merely part of their natural breeding cycle. Perhaps I am putting human emotion where none need to be.


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