Dances With Dwellers – Turn Four

Further still: Champion Hall. Even more elaborate than the floors above. Red, green and orange coral makes patterns on the walls, with polished mother of pearl inlaid between. And statues, there are statues here. Humanoids. Sea Dwellers. Constructed from carved bone, coral and gold. Yes, gold no less.

The first stature I see has a large dorsal fin on his back – running down the length of his spine, and smaller fins off his forearms and calves. In his webbed hands, he carries a three spiked trident of coral.

The next Sea Dweller statue is of the same appearance. He carries a golden awl pike with a handle of pearl. The next carries a stout scallop bladed double-edged axe. The next a finely detailed gladius and a silvery scaled buckler. The next a barracuda sword. A conch shell warhammer. A whalebone handled coral-tipped harpoon. A jagged fishbone machete. A coral bladed longsword. A spiked bashing shield.

They craft fine armor and many anAdventurous has worn gauntlets, boots, or other pieces of their crafted armor. – – Quote. Azure’s Fieldguide.

If only they could get their hands on the Dwellers weaponry too…

Further inside still, there are two statues of who I assume to be the Sea Dweller Death Lord (so rumoured in his name linking the Dwellers to necromancy). A mystical energy barrier blocks passage to his quarters. A large boulder with smaller pebbles around it lays on the floor – how did it come to be here? Why is it here? So out of place it looks among the finery.

I try to continue further into the Death Lord’s quarters and find myself blocked by the barrier. Why?

Did someone try to use the bolder to break the barrier?

Why would it only permit lower level adventures to pass through? Perhaps it only permits Initiates?


Who put it here and why?


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